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What It Means To Work With Me...

Old School Integrity + Rad Digital Skills = OhDCM

You won't meet a more informal professional.


My attitude towards work is as it is towards life - kindness is a pillar of how I live and interact with others. I respect hard work, authenticity, and integrity above all else. If I give you my word, it means something.


I am an artist, musician, multimedia designer, photographer, storyteller, and marketing specialist. I hold a Masters in Education specializing in Digital Learning Technologies (a fancy way of saying I can design online courses too). I have the background to bring your creative projects some much-needed awesome-osity.

All I'm saying is that Honour, Community, and Kindness matter to me, so whether I'm online or with you in person, it's my absolute pleasure to help you reach your marketing goals. If you're looking for 'cookie-cutter' that's not my forte. I built Oh Darling Creative Media to stand out.

I 'do' different.
I revel in offbeat.
I'm intrigued by off-kilter.

And guess what, your target audience is too. Stop doing the same old thing and expecting different results. It ain't gonna happen. Instead, embrace your creative energy and entrust your biz to Oh Darling Creative Media. We'll brand your biz; we'll find your target audience, and we will scale your biz.


Give me a shout - you'll see.
Thank you kindly.
Farah Grozelle


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