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Our Approach to Work
is Good Ol' Fashioned Canadian Kindess.


Here's what you need to know: I build brands that stand out!

My love for sci-fi culture, the great outdoors, vintage-anything, and most importantly, old school punk rock keeps my design energies entirely unique. I am not what you expect and, therefore, my designs are unexpected as well. 


 This is what gives my clients an edge over their competitors. I am not afraid to break the mold and give you something that is completely unique and recognizable.

My approach to life and work is exactly the same - I lead with kindness. I rely on my 20+ years of experience to produce incredible brands, I invest in my client's dreams, and I keep it real - always. When I give you my word, it means something. Old school Canadian integrity matters to me. And I've heard it matters to my clients as well.

Read My Client's Reviews on Google, here.


I have a Master's degree in Digital Learning Technologies; I am a Project Management Professional; and I am a skilled designer.

I dabble in 'it' all and that makes me a valuable asset to any project.


So, do not hesitate - book a call already and Let's Giv'r!

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