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Wondering How This Works?

We believe that communication & customer service is one of the most important parts of your brand & website launch. That's why we are very transparent about what to expect:

Phase 1: Onboarding

After you’ve signed the dotted line and paid your deposit, you’ll receive our Welcome email walking you through exactly what to expect when working with us. Every great partnership works both ways, and we’ll make sure we communicate exactly what’s needed from you in order for us to meet the goals and deadlines we’ve set together.

Phase 2: Research & Strategy

After filling out our brand questionnaire, you’ll be invited to join a Discovery Call, where we’ll take a deep dive into your business goals, vision, ideal client, sales process, story and more. Think of it like brand therapy (yes, there may even be tears – but the good kind!). You’ll walk away with all kinds of aha moments, and we’ll map out a clear strategy for your site based on our findings and additional research.

Phase 3: Initial Design & Copy

Here’s the fun part. The design team will start designing concepts and supporting files to bring your project to life.

Phase 4: First Look

We’ll present the first look of your design concepts and copy, and invite you to provide your detailed feedback.

Phase 5: Final Design & Copy

Once we’ve received your feedback, we’ll continue to build out the remainder of your website and brand identity. We’ll make any edits and offer strategic input to your feedback as needed, and continue to create the rest of your copy based on your review and the strategic direction provided.

Phase 6: Final Review

This is where you see everything come together at last. You’ll get to experience your entire website, optimized for desktop and mobile. You’ll have another chance to provide detailed feedback so we can ensure everything is perfect.

Phase 7: Launch

After any final edits to copy and design, we’ll complete our tests and iron out any little kinks. Then we’ll hit the big red launch button and take your site live. We also offer add-on email marketing and social media packages to make your launch a success!

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